Chrysotile - one of the safest industrial fibers!

Chrysotile asbestos is used more than 100 years in Russia, and in comparison with many other substances and materials its use in various industries did not cause the spread of certain diseases.

Experts allocate two large groups of asbestos – amphibole and chrysotile. Numerous reputable studies suggest that amphibole group of asbestos is the most dangerous to human health. With acid resistance amphibole asbestos, practically, not derived from lung and, as a result, has detrimental effects on the body. At present, production and use of amphibole asbestos is prohibited worldwide.

According to recent research conducted by three leading toxicological laboratories in Switzerland, Germany and the United States proved that chrysotile fiber is the safest among similar mineral and synthetic substitutes (cellulose, aramid fibers and ceramic fiber), as it is excreted from the body quicker than all fibers.