Flat cement sheets

Flat cement sheets

THE CHRYSOTILE CEMENT FLAT SHEETS NON-PRESSED are intended for internal and external facing of buildings and constructions, devices of not bearing partitions in buildings, protections of balconies of houses, installations of the warmed wall panels, installations of a roof without concrete coupler, the device of false ceilings, the inserts between windows.

  • Has high STRENGTH rates
  • RESISTANT to hostile environment
  • FIREPROOF (carry to group of nonflammable materials)
  • Reliable and DURABLE

Chrysotile cement flat sheets are issued according to requirements of Standard - GOST 18124-95

Main advantages of FLAT CEMENT SHEETS:

  1. Economy - At the same properties of a ceramic tile, cement tile is 60% cheaper, and in ready roofing system - 5 times cheaper
  2. Guarantee - Possesses with the guaranteed term of operation more than 50 years. A guarantee on a paint and varnish covering - 5 years
  3. Color - Wide choice of colors and shades, more than 50 options
  4. Installation - SPEED AND EASE of installation allow to reduce number of workers by 50% with the same productivity
  5. Isolation - Possesses EXCELLENT heat-insulating properties and EXCELLENT noise isolation
  6. Choice - Is based on the principle of the INDIVIDUAL approach to a choice of design and the invoice of a tile
  7. Composition - The composition of cement is more than 80%