CHRYZOTOP granular stabilizer is intended for prevention of stratifying of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) concrete mixes at their preparation, transportation and laying in a constructive layer. Effect of an additive is characterized by an achievement of a preset value of an indicator of the binder draining from mix in accordance with State Standard of Russian Federation (GOST 31015-2002).

CHRYZOTOP granular stabilizer represents mix of granules of cylindrical form with a diameter of 4-6 mm. Granules are composed from a chrysotile mineral fiber and organic binder in quantity of 10 to 20% by weight.


Natural chrysotile fiber does not have equal competitive materials compared in such parameters as thermal stability, durability. These qualities are widely used in equipment, including production of thermal coverings of spacecraft. In comparison with the cellulose stabilizing additives, CHRYZOTOP has a number of advantages:

  • possesses high thermal stability, maintains temperature up to 700˚C that gives the chance of application of smaller technological control of temperature when mixing with hot components;
  • it does not reduce to fragments at long dry mixing, and it becomes fluffed up on thinner fibers that provides the best reinforcing properties;
  • does not interact with water;
  • does not decay that provides long service life;
  • fibers of chrysotile possess high tensile strength that increases wear resistance of asphalt concrete.

From the listed features, it is possible to make a conclusion that the CHRYZOTOP stabilizer is less exacting to storage conditions in comparison with cellulose additives.

It should be noted that Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) concrete mix with the content of chrysotile fiber could externally look more opaque. SMA with CHRYZOTOP also keeps a comfortable laying at lower temperature.

Bulk density of the chrysotile fibers is 1,5-2 times higher, than cellulose. In this way, in rare instances, it is necessary to make correction of work of a feeder of the stabilizing additive.