Chrysotile products

Chrysotile products

Only high-density chrysotile products are manufactured and sold today. The unique feature of these products is that the chrysotile fiber is encapsulated in a matrix of cement or resin, preventing the release of fibers. Over 90% of chrysotile used worldwide today is in the manufacture of fiber-cement building and construction materials.

More than 90% of the world production of chrysotile is used in the manufacture of chrysotile-cement, in the form of pipes, sheets and shingles. These products are used in some sixty industrialized and developing countries. Chrysotile-cement is valued principally for its excellent cost effectiveness and durability. Manufacture of this material requires the import of only small quantities of fiber, the other raw materials being easily available locally.

Moreover, the manufacturing technology requires little investment and consumes less energy than production methods for competing products. Because of its natural resistance to heat, chrysotile fibers have been widely used in friction materials. Automobile brake shoes, disk pads, clutches and elevators brakes are common examples of products using chrysotile fiber.

Technical products on basis of chrysotile.

Heat-insulating and heat-resistant textile materials

Heat-insulating and heat-resistant textile materials - asbestos fabrics, cords, yarns, threads, cloths, fibers. Asbestos fabrics and cloths are applied to thermal insulation of surfaces with a temperature up to +450 °C. Asbestos cords, yarns, threads and fibers are used as the condensing and heat-insulating material at a temperature up to +400 °C in working environments of gas, steam and water.

Spacing material

Spacing material - these are various paddings by the sizes and a configuration, cut down from sheet materials (paronites) which are made from mix of asbestos fiber, rubber and fillers with various properties.

Sealing materials

Sealing materials - wattled omental stuffings both dry, and impregnated with antifriction mineral structures, differ in the high pressurizing ability and reliability in the wide range of temperatures, pressure and hostile environment.

Frictional products

Frictional products - the brake shoes for the railway and motor transport providing necessary efficiency of braking.

Chrysotile based cardboard products

Asbestos cardboard

Asbestos cardboard - it is applied as insulating, spacing material, it is used for thermal isolation of the heat power equipment and pipelines.

chrysotile based Concrete products

Asbestos-cement pipes

Asbestos-cement pipes - effective replacement to steel pipes. They aren't subject to corrosion and rotting, aren't inclined to an encrustation, possess the high durability and low heat conductivity, are durable cheaper than similar pipes from other materials.