Cement sheets

Cement sheets

THE CORRUGATED CHRYSOTILE CEMENT SHEETS are intended for the device of garret roofs of residential, production buildings, constructions, warehouses, trade tents, pavilions.

  • ABSORB rain noise
  • HIGH snow and wind-resistance
  • DON'T RUST, don't burn
  • Possess LOW heat conductivity and HIGH frost resistance
  • The roof from slate is CHEAPER, than a tile and a tin several times

Chrysotile cement wavy sheets are issued according to requirements of Standard - GOST 30340-95

Main advantages of CEMENT SHEETS:

  1. Economy - At the same properties of a ceramic tile, cement tile is 60% cheaper, and in ready roofing system - 5 times cheaper
  2. Guarantee - Possesses with the guaranteed term of operation more than 50 years. A guarantee on a paint and varnish covering - 5 years
  3. Color - Wide choice of colors and shades, more than 50 options
  4. Installation - SPEED AND EASE of installation allow to reduce number of workers by 50% with the same productivity
  5. Isolation - Possesses EXCELLENT heat-insulating properties and EXCELLENT noise isolation
  6. Choice - Is based on the principle of the INDIVIDUAL approach to a choice of design and the invoice of a tile
  7. Composition - The composition of cement is more than 80%