Historical information

1961, June: Formation of “Asbeststroy” trust for construction of the working settlement and city-forming enterprise- mining and processing combine Kiyembavsky. 
1961, July: Beginning of construction of the tent town and permanent housing.
1962: Construction village got the name Yasniy.
1963 July: Laying of the base under cases of a concentrating complex.
1973: Signing of the agreement with the countries of SEV on construction of combine.
1974, August: Arrival of the first group of Komsomol members from various areas of the USSR.
1977: Supply in DSK of the first car with ore from a pit.
1979, July: Test of the vacuum camera with ore from a pit.
1979, 4 November: Start-up in work of the first stage, birthday of combine.
1980, 24 december: Start-up in work of the second stage.
1983, November: Output of 1 million tons of asbestos.
1986: Achieving the design capacity of the plant, 500 thousand tons of chrysotile asbestos per year.
2003, August: Renaming the plant JSC "Orenburg minerals"
2006, 28 November: Output of 10 million tons of asbestos.